Marion - "tomboy"

"As long as I can remember, I am what people called a tomboy. In junior high, I wore a jogging and hung out with boys. 

When I was 20 I started to manage my first bar, on my own. It’s a really harsh environment where it’s hard to gain credibility as a woman. So I develop my frankness, I don’t let people bother me. And I keep wearing not so feminine clothes, like an armour, a call for respect.

Mockeries kept rising. People called me a tomboy… sometime just a boy. Other would call me a dyke, especially since I bought my motorbike 2 years ago. My boyfriend’s mates always asked him “Where’s your dude?”. One day I got tired of all of this. I put on skinny jeans, high boots and a matching sexy leather jacket. I grabbed my Louis Vuitton bag and I went to pick him up with my motorbike… they never made fun of me again.

Today, I completely accept who I am. People respect me at work, I’m gonna get married, I’m looking for a new bar to manage. My projects are coming true... so what else?!"

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