Marine - "overweight"

"I played basketball for 10 years. When my hips and breasts started to blossom, I was fit and sporty so you couldn’t really see them. I stopped sport to focus on my graduate studies. My body kept blossoming until I was 21 or 22. And more and more often I heard “Wow you should do sport again don’t you think?”. Especially when I was wearing jeans. The more I heard that kind of comment the harder it was to handle. I was silently crying in the fitting rooms each time I had to buy pants. So I started to wear skirts and dresses to hide my upper thighs. 

It took me years to get rid off this image of me.  To stop looking at this part of my body with disgust. Today I mainly wear elegant dresses. Only because I feel good this way, it’s almost a trademark. But I don’t let my weight define myself anymore. Nor do I let other people tell who I am. I love my body the way it is and that’s the most important. Those who disagree can just go their way."


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