Ludwine - "too fragile"

"For years, I’ve heard I’m too sensitive. This sensitivity is usually associated with a kind of fragility. I especially remember a math teacher at the university who told me, probably thinking to do well: “If I were you, I would study something else. You’ll never make it as a teacher in front of students. You’re too fragile.” Of course I was really hurt to hear such a thing. But the next day I was even more determined to show her my sensitivity won’t stop me. I often doubt, even was petrified and sometimes I felt overwhelmed, professionally and personally. 

Today, this hyper-sensitivity is a strength. May it be on stage in front of 400 people for a conference, in front of camera, on radio or face to face, I have this strength to outdo myself when needed. I learnt to listen to myself, to follow my guts... I don’t need my bow and bubble wrap anymore."


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