Lucile - "big mouth"

When I was a child, people always asked me to speak more quietly or even to shut up. I’ve always had a loud voice and I like to speak up. This problem reached its climax when I was 6. My dance teacher shup my mouth with brown tape during all the one hour class… Of course when I took it off it hurt a lot. But most of all I didn’t understand why someone had to use so much violence and humiliation with the little girl I was. The very same year, one of my teacher told my mom I should see a psychologist because I had too much energy and I was too chatty. I talked to the psy and he listened carefully. He then talked to my mom. I learned later on that he told her everything was fine. I was very alert and curious… nothing my teachers should worry about. Actually they also sent him shy children, just because they were different, non standard. 

I know now that my loud and deep voice isn’t a problem. It’s even an advantage: I don’t need to raise my voice to be heard in a crowd or when it’s noisy. This voice gives me a natural authority and people listen to me more easily. A few years ago I 

decided to use this voice for women who need to be more listened to and recognized for their expertise. I co founded Girlz In Web, a professional network that highlights the place of women in digital and new tech industries… and aim to make them more audible.

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