Gayané - "too shy"

"I’ve always been a bit shy. It got worse in junior high. If I didn’t want to get in trouble I should not stand out. So as much as I was comfortable writing, I never gave a speech, except if I was forced to. Since then oral has been a big problem: speaking in front of people, no matter who they were, was scary. I was afraid of what they would think about me. In 2009, two major things happened. I got tetraplegic because of a serious disease. To live normally again, I had to find resources in me I wasn’t aware of before. I show myself what I was capable of in an extreme situation. I then joined Twitter and started to speak up and create an identity, an expertise on a few subjects. People were listening to me and were mostly kind.

This two “events” combined helped me, in a way, to take a fresh start and assert myself. I affirmed a personality I was hiding so far. It also helped me to create my own company. Being aware of that, I was more confident as an entrepreneur and as a woman in general. Today I keep making my ideas come true and even though I’m still a bit discreet in public, I’m not afraid nor ashamed of who I am anymore and I show it to the world."

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