Caterina - "too intense"

"My name is Caterina, I’m 26 and I’ve been living in France for 4 years. When I grow up, I want to be a: musician, chef, diplomat, farmer, CEO, journalist, writer, food critic, founder of an investment fund, coach, politician, stylist, traveler, etc.

Since I was 6, I have a very busy schedule. Conservatoire, cooking lessons, reading, sport, mosaic lessons, concerts, foreign language class, singing, literary gathering cafe, hiking, travels, writing, conferences, university, Erasmus, sustainable development, finance. 

I’m everywhere, I have a thousand faces, I’m curious and sometimes I get overwhelmed with everything I do. People told me I have to many centers of interest, that I need to choose between all of this. That if I want to be excellent in something I need to give up my other passions. It was really hard to hear. It was against what I loved to do. 

Well today I’m excellent at nothing but I can do a lot things, some of them pretty well! I’m flexible and I can adapt to situations. I feel comfortable in every context, I know 

how to listen to people and create connections. I have friends around the world. Everything I do is a part of who I am - even though I’m now more careful with the things I choose to do. I want to have several lives. "

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