Do you know how often women are told about their imperfections without asking to know? Do you know how it just goes round and round in their heads? Do you know what impact it can have?


FOR "W STANDS FOR", WONDHER WOMEN WHO HAVE OVERCOME THEir feelings of guilt SHARE THEIR STORies to inspire other women to be themselves. And tell the world it's time to acknowledge each one of us is unique... and that's fine

"Never Satisfied"


"Too intense" 


"Too shy"


"Too Fragile" 



"Always too much"




"big mouth"




W stands For - The video 


Millions of thank you to...

Shaznane MAMODHOUSSEM for the beautiful photographs, Max RICHE for the video and Nakunpouce for making these images even more graceful.

Alexia, Antonia, Caterina, Clémence, Gayané, Lucile, Ludwine and Marion for being such inspiring women and agreeing on sharing their story. Another special thank you for Antonia for her early support on the project. 

And thank you to the Maison Beau Chesne for some of the accessories.