Paris, France

35 yo


What’s on your mind right now?

My client appointment at 7pm and the negociation of a new business because I've got a super husband who will take care of the kid ;)

Describe yourself in one sentence?

A determinate, connected and hyperactive woman but sometimes also dreamy and a bit lazy: everything that's needed to stay creative and cool !

How would you describe the glass ceiling you had?

A diversity of glass ceiling: the glass ceiling of young age and under-diplomate, the other one of the young-with-potential-but-female, and finally the one of the potential-associate-but-female...

How did it affect you? How did you feel at the time?

I felt it was unfair but tried to do as it didn't exist. But it did... So I worked hard to get diplomas and experience to face the different challenges. But in the end I got sick: I had to face insomnia and anxiety problems because I worked so hard with good results and didn't get enough recognition.

How did you realize you had a glass ceiling?

When I had the potential-associate-but-female one: I worked so hard and had very good results so it wasn't easy to imagine that I wouldn't get any thanks nor progression...

How did you break this glass ceiling?

I became my own employer in 2011, thanks to my friends from the Girlz In Web network who helped be to get more self confident in this challenge!

How do you feel about where you are today, after breaking your glass ceiling?

I feel okay but it is still hard sometimes with clients or other people I meet. But today I can say that I get what I deserve: I work hard and I get recognition from my clients. Even though some need to also recognize that women entrepreneur are not just cheaper than men.


What advice would you give to someone going through this glass ceiling?

Work hard, stay confident and meet other professional women: they can help you by sharing advice to face the different challenges they still faced or simply to get more confident because they can more easily consider you appart from your gender.

What are your upcoming projects?

Continue with my network Girlz In Web to improve women in technology confidence and visibility and try harder to get recognition in my work and skills...

Tell us about something, like a quote that inspires you?

"They did not know it was impossible so they did it." - Mark Twain

I truly believe in the strength of dreams and community; I think we can outdo ourselves if we are confident enough.