From Tel Aviv, Israel

26 yo


What’s on your mind right now?

Waiting for the water to be warm enough so I could take a bath :)
And of course thinking of the new venture I’m doing at Google (stealth mode unfortunatlly)

Describe yourself in one sentence?

Eager to learn. Love People. Love stories.

How would you describe the glass ceiling you had?

I entered this world of entreprenoership when I was at a young age (22), I was surrounded by older men that thought I was a child with no experience and no added value.   

How did it affect you? How did you feel at the time?

Less confidence but at the same time I was so motivated to prove everyone they are wrong and that I am capable and I am worthy.

How did you realize you had a glass ceiling?

For me it was very clear. I got accepted to be part of an exlusive entrepreneur program where after a year of screening I got accepted. The first phase in the program is to form teams. No one wanted me on their team, saying I was too young and unexperienced...It wasn’t too difficult to understand where is the ceiling :)

How did you break this glass ceiling?

I focused on gaining knowledge. This is how I broke it. I started knowing things that were crucial to the success of our project...I read many articles, studied the market, went outside and started to establish connections that relate to what we did. They had to use because of all of this and when time went by they were depended on my knowledge and connection and  understood they all were wrong...

How do you feel about where you are today, after breaking your glass ceiling?

I’m very happy I found my way. Sometime I even think that maybe it was a good experience (to have the ceiling) since I grow up from it and became stronger. Besides, I feel I have much more confidence. I know what I worth and I don’t need to “sell” myself anymore.


What advice would you give to someone going through this glass ceiling?

Don’t think too much about the ceiling. Think about the project and how you make it successful. All the rest will follow.

What are your upcoming projects?

  • Recently became the embessador of TLV SandBox hub, which makes me very excited!
  • In Google I have many project I’m doing, the main one is helping elderly in Israel start using the web and connect them back to their grandkids.
  • Building entrepreneurship course for IDC (college) new entrepreneurship school
  • Work on my work-life balance :)

Tell us about something, like a quote that inspires you?

It’s something my best friend is always telling me and I follow this sentence whenever I go- "Life is simple, you’re the one who makes it complicated"