From Paris, France

28 yo


What’s on your mind right now?

I'm wondering how to answer this question :) 

Describe yourself in one sentence?

I'm a designer passionate by her work.

How would you describe the glass ceiling you had?

It took me some time to be taken seriously, to have the job title that matches my work and get the wages that matches my experience. 

How did it affect you? How did you feel at the time?

At first, I wasn't aware of the problem. I thought that job titles were pedantic and useless. I also thought my pay was good.

How did you realize you had a glass ceiling?

It was during an annual meeting with the team I was managing. Some of them asked for pay raises and that's how I discovered they already earned more than I did...

How did you break this glass ceiling?

It took me some time to know how to break it. In the end, I resigned and I required definite wages and job title in another company. I was pretty sure they would laugh at me. And actually they gave me even more than what I asked for. 

How do you feel about where you are today, after breaking your glass ceiling?

I satisfied and very careful at the same time.


What advice would you give to someone going through this glass ceiling?

Talk to your manager and be honest in job interviews. 

What are your upcoming projects?

I don't know yet. I have to take some decision by the end of the year.

Tell us about something, like a quote that inspires you?

If people you work with don't respect you, they don't deserve your skills.