The mission of WondHer is to help more women do whatever they truly want to with their lives. Among other things, the platform shares testimonies of women around the world who broke their glass ceiling and I’m pretty sure you are one of these women.

May it be by stopping saying “yes” to everyone and everything, doing the one thing you’ve always wanted, accepting your differences, etc. and so finally be whoever you truly are, you did it and your testimony matters. Way more than you imagine. Please answer the few questions below.

There are not easy because it means sharing some of your weaknesses. It’s also one of those things that will make you even stronger. I went through this process myself and you can find my story here.

I’ll keep lay myself bare because, as much as it surprised me, it already helped some women to do what they want to and not what they are told to.

I truly hope you’ll be part of this amazing adventure.


Marine Aubin, WondHer founder and CEO

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