Got trapped again. I thought I was all over it. My current state says I’m clearly not.

Am I an addict? Is this Wonder Woman syndrome not curable?

First question first, where does it come from? I feel like a lot of women are suffering from it. More than a syndrome, it’s a myth. A myth that tells women that they can do it all. Carrier, family, social life, sport, perfect body and look. Everyday. All in 24 hours.

The thing is, I can’t. I can’t do it all. Not in 24 hours days, and I don’t even have husband and kids yet. I have to face the fact that I just can’t. And it hurts. Because I try hard, really hard. It usually ends up with my body being exhausted. And me feeling so dumb not being able to make it all. And not being even close to it. I feel ashamed. Worst, I feel guilty.

Until recently, as soon as my body was up again, I just tried harder. And then I realized something. I took a closer look to my role models, my fav Wonder Women. Hillary Clinton. Marissa Mayer. Sheryl Sandberg. They are successful, have families and keep smiling. And… they are not alone. They can do it all. But only because other people help them. They have staffs, nannies, secretaries, husbands, a lot of people to share tasks with. And that’s fine.

We can actually have it all. Only when surrounded and helped by other people. And that’s fine.

There’s no such thing as Wonder Woman. And that’s perfectly fine.



Marine Aubin

Entrepreneur and innovation management specialist, Founder of WondHer, Co President of Girlz In Web 

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